Reinventing the souvenir

In 2012 Manel Bonet’s intention to found a company for quality tourist products crossed with Martí Abril’s long-standing love for symbolic objects, gadgets and experimental souvenirs. An entrepreneur and a graphic designer who met when Manel discovered the book Barcelona 100 souvenirs, published by the Barcelona city council, in which Martí had graphically set out the city’s 100 main icons. Soon afterwards, David Torrents, a multidisciplinary designer and urban artist, joined the project contributing his long experience in the field of cultural design.
With Souvenir Singular we want to reclaim the symbolic usefulness of souvenirs and of marketed objects. We think that cities like Barcelona have the potential to offer souvenirs that recreate its urban iconography with a contemporary aesthetic that states its historical and cultural richness. We address not only quality tourism that seeks different products but also the local public who yearn for images of their city that are not stereotyped.

Souvenir Singular is a registered mark by
Martí Abril, Manel Bonet and David Torrents
Comercial contact: Manel Bonet T (+34) 609 793 732